TERA Arise is a game resurrection project for the final build of TERA EU, 115.02 (r387486), which was released a couple of months prior to the game's official shutdown on June 30, 2022.

Unlike typical server emulation projects, TERA Arise is not trying to replicate the original game. Rather, we are using the game client and assets as a base to build upon, with the goal of eventually producing a better experience than the original game. We will essentially start from scratch, with an empty data center file, and work our way from there. Our overarching design goals are laid out on our GitBook space.

Once the project progresses far enough, our goal is to run official TERA Arise servers accessible to the public. That said, anyone is welcome to run their own public servers using our open source software, as long as the licensing terms are observed.

The project is currently in heavy development; we expect a playable experience to be a few years out still.